3 things to do RIGHT nOW if you are 
going camping this Labor day weekend.
Written by Justin Bates
3 things to do RIGHT Now if you are going camping this Labor day weekend.
Labor Day usually marks the end of summer bringing shorter days and cooler nights. If you’re like most the labor day weekend brings a long break from work typically filled with some large body of water. Before you get too excited be sure to do these 3 things to ensure you will have a great camping trip this Labor Day weekend.

1. Make reservations NOW! >Click Here<
You are not the only one wanting to go camping. Families, sports teams, other groups of people are driving many hours for their camping trip and probably made reservations. Why haven’t you? With technology, you can simply follow the link below to Reserve America for an easy way to register your campsite. You might even find a new campground!
Expert tip: Camping by a river = late night parties. Camping in a State Park = family and couples.

2. Buy camping supplies early
Last minute stops are good for little emergencies, however, shopping for your whole trip the night before is a bad idea. Take the time now to start picking up items to help minimize the last minute stops. Plus stores are full of people on holiday weekends and buy up more than they need which puts you out of what you need.
Expert tip: purchase extra camp fuel. Cooking on the campfire is cool but sucks when you want to eat breakfast.

3. Prepare to have fun!
A Labor Day camping trip is one of the best vacations you can have! It is right around the beginning of school and whether you have children, are in school, coach, or alive you will have to deal with the added chaos. Make this trip an opportunity to recharge your batteries to help you conquer the next few months.
Expert tip: Bring a book!
Campfire Humor
Written by Brian Hull
So, I had a bag of these specialty pork rinds, you know the kind... 

but the description of the product on the back started out with “our pork skins our hand selected”.....

 hmmm... so how exactly do you do that..? 
 do you swing by the farm and fondle the livestock..? 
 Just walking along, “Oh yeah, that’s some good pig skin, oh yeah...

Come on?!
I don’t even hear them doing that for footballs.. 
hand selected, is that supposed to make me feel better, that’s some grubby little guys hands were all over my food...

That should be a news story not a product description... 
 “umm, we’ve had several incidents out on the farm this year..” ol fondling Fred was at it again...
 — I mean, who’s job is that.....?!

How do you describe that job to your friends...
What Does the business card actually say..

I’ve realy had a hard time with this..

How does that look on your resume...
like How do you move on with that on your resume...
"Sir can you tell me about your last job, it says here you were a ..... uhh...... 
Pig Skin Fondler?"
Easy Weekend Camping Trip
Written by Justin Bates
Getting out the door for a weekend camping trip can be easy as 1-2-3.

1. Sleep
2. Eat
3. Toilet

When I go camping for a weekend trip my goal is to de-stress and have some fun! Breathing in the fresh air, listening to the birds chirp, building a fire, and slowing down from the busy week. You don’t need to pack an entire car either. For this trip everything I’m bringing will fit into:

*Extra tote bag

Keep this simple. Of course bring your tenting equipment but with this heat, there is no need to bring a sleeping bag, unless you’re sleeping on it. I pack 2 sheets, one to cover my sleeping mat and one to cover me. Even if you don’t have a sleeping bag just bring a thicker blanket like a comforter.

*Good rule of thumb to bring sleeping bag or not is to check the weather and see how the LOW temperature compares to the temperature you set your thermostat every night. For me, if it’s below 70 degrees I bring my sleeping bag.

How many meals will you “miss”? For an weekend trip it’s usually 3-4 SIMPLE meals. This means bring some items that don’t require much cooking or refrigeration. Hot dogs are great for dinner by the campfire and can be used for breakfast too. Chips and granola bars are great side items and snacks. A simple loaf of bread and sandwich meat can come with you to power you through the day if you have some activities.

Personally, I like to eat on the way to the campsite then setup the campsite and christen the campfire with a couple hot dogs. For Dinner I like cheeseburgers and chips. Very simple meals make it easy to get out the door. Then for Breakfast I either have eggs or a granola bar and eat more hot dogs. I like to keep my weekend camping trip simple. Lunch is sandwiches and chips.

Bring wipes!! These are multi-purpose cleaning tools. They clean you and everything else. Also bring 1-2 rolls of toilet paper in a zip lock bag. Most sites will have bathroom facilities and you should always know if one is available before you arrive. OR come with a shovel to bury the waste. Privacy isn’t a typical luxury on a camping trip so do your best to find an area that will give you some luxurious privacy. Have a simple first aid kit. Tiny cuts can turn into BIG infections. Plus it’s kinda fun to bandage yourself up outdoors, makes it feel like a real adventure! Many first aid kits don’t have enough pain relievers, so bring some from home. Nothing ruins a relaxing trip like a headache.

*Bathroom rule- go off the path where there is not a risk of ruining someone else’s camping trip.

6 Things To Bring That Make You Look Like A Pro
Written by Justin Bates
1. Poncho
Rain is one of the worst things to encounter when you are camping. But you shouldn’t let that dampen the adventure. An easy and convenient poncho provides the rain protection and lightweight essential for a long adventure or short day trip.

2. Cup
The secret to any good time is the cup. Whether a friend brings a tasty beverage or you have just boiled some water, having a cup available makes absorbing fluids a breeze.

3. Pain Meds
Modern science has given us a solution to the pains of a long day. Let’s be honest, camping is not like staying in a 5-star hotel. Sometimes you wake up sore from bedding with Mother Nature. Take some pain meds and get back up to speed and conquer the adventure!

4. Aluminum Foil
The crowd favorite and jack of all trades. This helpful item can be used for cooking, cleaning, and even sharpening your knife! The toughest part to bringing aluminum foil is the way it is packaged. To make it easy buy the squares or pre-fold large sections into a zip lock bag.

5. Belt
Other than keeping your pants up your belt can be a handy tool in the campsite. My personal favorite use for a belt is to wrap it around clothes to make a pillow. It can also be used as an emergency rope on the trail or a tourniquet to stop bleeding. The best part is your belt doesn’t take up any of the precious space in your pack.

6. Bio-degradable Soap
The wilderness is covered in bacteria that can bring infection. Quickly washing any wound will help prevent an infection. Soap is also essential to properly clean your cookware. No one wants to deal with stomach issues outdoors.

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