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We wanted to build something online to encourage people to get out and camp.
Something we could use to share our experiences. 
Something that shows that you don’t have to spend all kinds of money on 
survival equipment, flint fire starters, and collapsible cookware to have a damn good camping trip.

"You just have to get out there and do it!"

We started with the list of supplies and tools we take with us and then a list of the stuff we wish we had to take with us. We wanted to let everyone know that most of what you need to camp is already in your home,  You don't have to spend a lot of money to go camping. 
Not at first anyway...
Yeah, there is some good equipment out there that makes camping life easier, but you collect all that stuff slowly over years of camping trips all the while gaining the experience to use all that cool gear.

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Super Bright LED 
LED Headlamp Details
The headlamp is easily adjustable to fit head or hardhat making this versatile headlamp suitable for hiking, fishing, camping, and working environments. 
Model of LED: CREE XML-L2
Included for Free
  •   Rechargeable 18650 Batteries 
  •  Wall Charger + Car Charger + USB
Full Specifications
  •  Up to 5000 Lumens
  •  Water Resistant Design
  •  Aluminum Alloy Casting
  •  3 Light Settings: High, Low, & Strobe
  •  Color: Black with Blue Band
  •  Weight: 0.39lbs /  6.17oz./ 175g 
  •  Adjustable Focus: Telescopic Zoom
  •  One Button Operation
At Basecamp Tools  we are sharing our experiences &  
to encourage an adventurous lifestyle  
for those who seek to explore & experience more out of life!  
So we had the idea.
 Now what to do about it? 
We wanted to build something to 
encourage people to get out and camp.   Something we could use to share our experiences, but more importantly, really encourage others to get out and 
experience it for themselves.   

"You just have to get out there and do it!"

What is a Camp Tool LIBRARY?
The BaseCamp Tool Library provides camping equipment packages designed to accommodate day hikes and extended stays giving the local adventurer, first time explores, trail experts, and tourists alike easy access camping tools, equipment, guides, and maps; as well as rental camping gear and equipment.

Full details coming soon!
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Basecamp tools Logo
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